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Only inspections from Jan 1, 2008 forward are displayed.

Inspection reports on this web site are discussed with the administrator or another person in charge while the Licensing Specialist is at the child care facility.  During an inspection, any of the following may be reviewed:


General Sanitation Program
Hazards Infant & Toddler Care
Handwashing Equipment & Supplies
Toileting Facilities Playground & Climbing Equipment
Supervision Medication & Topical Products
Behavioral Guidance Food Safety & Nutrition
Caregiver Attributes Facility Records

Key to Inspection Report
C Compliance Program is operating in compliance
NC Non-compliance There is an issue that needs to be corrected
NC* Non-compliance that corrected on-site This is an issue that was corrected while the Specialist was still on-site.
NFR Needs further review Specialist needs to do some research to determine if the item is compliant
D Discussed This is not a negative result. It is often used for items the Specialist wasn't present to witness such as meal time.


Child Care Licensing
Health & Human Services
Phone: (907) 343-4758

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